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Rehabilitation Services

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a therapeutic approach to recovery and it is used to correct musculoskeletal limitations and alleviate pain caused by illness, physical trauma or surgery. It comprises of essential regimens that are designed to correct musculoskeletal limitations and restore function. These treatments can help patients regain their range of motion, strength and balance. Orthopedic rehabilitation is used to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions, including arthritis, fractures, and spinal injuries.

At CVMC, our team consists of highly trained experts who specialize in complex and multidisciplinary cases in Physical therapy and Occupational therapy. We help patients overcome a wide range of conditions that require rigorous rehabilitative regimens. Our healthcare team creates personalized treatment programs and attunes them to the specialized needs of a patient to help them maximize recovery time.

The Types of Services Available During Ortho Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy: Flexibility, range of motion and limb strength is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Hence, at CVMC we offer a wide variety of physical therapy treatments which include, deep tissue massage, ultrasound therapy, heat therapy and neuromuscular re-education. Our experts help patients regain their ability to move and function without pain.

Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy is used to treat a variety of physical, sensory and cognitive (thinking) conditions. It helps patients improve motor skills which are essential for common everyday tasks. Our certified therapists are adept at supporting patients from all age groups and help patients alleviate pain and discomfort enriching the quality of their life in the process.

Exercise Therapy: Exercise therapy comprises of a regimen of planned physical activities designed to facilitate the patients to recover from diseases and orthopaedic conditions. CVMC's exercise therapy professionals are trained on exercise physiology and adopt a goal-oriented treatment regimen to rehabilitate patients.

Sports Rehabilitation: We provide sport-specific programs to athletes suffering from injuries sustained on the playing field. Our services encompass an evidence-based program that helps athletes alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance their range of motion. We offer customized regimens to athletes based on the sports they play and their specialized needs.