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Physician Referral Service

Physician referral services bridge the gap between the doctor and the patient by establishing quick and effective connections for patients. By referring patients to physicians who meet their specific needs, at CVMC, we help to ensure the best possible synergy between caregivers and patients. With the ideal blend of IT technology and service professionals, our physician referral services serve as the conduit between doctors and patients and provide much-needed support for everyone in our community.

CVMC's physician referral services are designed to provide easy access for physicians and medical professionals seeking the best resources to meet their patients' needs. We offer a broad range of services and solutions designed to facilitate connections between primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare professionals. We also provide various innovative programs designed to make it easy and affordable for patients to gain access to high-quality medical care.

We help our patients with:

  • Online access to national directories of participating providers;

  • The Patient Portal for online appointments and scheduling;

  • Personal assistance in finding the appropriate medical professional;

  • Referral tracking and follow-up services;

  • Access to disease-specific health education materials;

  • Ongoing educational programs on topics such as medical coding and billing, E/M documentation guidelines, office setup and more.

Our goal is to provide the community with the necessary tools to ensure that patients have easy access to the physicians they need when they need them.

Our Core Services

Physician Liaisons: The service team is well-trained in orchestrating the best possible medical services for our patients at the right time. They act as the bridge between our physicians and patient care delivery, providing timely advice and guidance to the patients to help them navigate the continuum of care.

Cancer Services: Long-term care is crucial for patients in their fight against cancer. Hence the enduring influence of physicians in the treatment process is profoundly essential. By delivering effective physician referral services, we match oncological care with the patient's individual needs to give them the best fighting chance against cancer.

Surgery Scheduling: Invasive surgeries are a highly skilled process which is why surgical services are among the most covetted services on the planet. CVMC’s team of physician referral service providers guides our patients through physicians and eventually to surgeons. The team provides proactive service that keeps the patient and their family at ease.

Our free Physician Referral Service was designed to help you find a nearby family care physician or specialist. Call 888-414-CVMC Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to request a referral to a physician by specialty, education, office hours, or languages spoken.