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Pharmacy Services at CVMC

Pharmacists are highly trained healthcare professionals who dispense prescription medications to patients and provide them with counselling. They often assume the role of front-line healthcare workers when recognizing and responding to signs of overdose or other emergency symptoms.

Furthermore, these healthcare professionals can be instrumental in educating the public about the dangers of drug use and harmful behaviours such as driving under the influence. By empowering pharmacists to address these issues with their patients and the greater community, at CVMC, we work as a homogeneous unit to make California a healthier place for all.

The Pharmacy department provides safe, cost effective, comprehensive and progressive pharmaceutical services of the highest quality in order to maximize care for patients of all ages.

Here are Some of the Vital Services we Provide

Prescriptions Processing

A pharmacist acts as the bridge between the physician and the patient by guiding them effectively through the purchase process. Pharmacists are well versed with the expertise to process a doctor’s prescription, which in many cases prevents the misdiagnosis of a patient. Pharmacists also check all the medications being used to ensure that it is correct for the patient, which can ultimately save the patient's life in case of an adverse reaction or overdose.

Evaluating Drug Interactions

Prescription medicines interact with the patient's metabolism in unique ways. While this may be helpful in some cases, it can also have unintended consequences, such as side effects. To minimize these side effects, patients and their doctors must understand how prescription medicines interact with the body. In this regard, pharmacists often serve as a valuable source of information for patients. They provide adequate information to patients to help them understand their medications and any potential interactions they may have with other medications or over-the-counter drugs.

Medication Dispensing

Dispensing medication is another important responsibility that pharmacists are given. It extends the prescriptions processing function and requires pharmacists to track medication usage. Regulatory initiatives from the US government, such as the ones to manage the opioid epidemic, directs them to adhere to stricter guidelines regarding dispensing. Our pharmacy department is compliant with all regulatory aspects designed to prevent the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

Disposal of Medication

Another essential responsibility of pharmacists is safely disposing of expired and damaged medications. At CVMC, our pharmacy department handles the duty of disposal just as well as their commitment to process and dispense medicines. We engage with patients to host drug take-back programs and educate them about disposing of them effectively at their residences.

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