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The Bio-medical Department provides all services necessary to maintain the medical equipment of the Hospital. In providing these services, the department ensures that all-applicable requirements, codes, and laws are complied with.

Our primary objective is to ensure that all medical equipment is operating at optimal levels so that our patients and staff are provided with a safe and secure environment while providing and receiving their clinical care.

The Bio-medical Department at Chino Valley Medical Center provides all services necessary to maintain the hospital's medical equipment. In providing these services, the department ensures that all-applicable requirements such as codes and laws are complied with. The department maintains the availability and readiness of medical equipment such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, electrocardiographs (ECGs), therapeutic infusion pumps, ventilators, patient monitors, mobile carts, portable oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, surgical lasers, and patient beds.

The department is also responsible for performing preventive maintenance and calibrating equipment to ensure optimal functioning and prevent malfunctions. In addition, the Bio-medical department maintains various records that include service manuals, calibration certificates, parts lists, and tracking logs for all equipment maintained in the department. The equipment we manage is responsible for saving lives; hence our team of bio-medical engineers assesses current capabilities and equipment status and provides expert advice to care providers on planning, purchasing, and maintaining new equipment.

Here’s How We Sectionalize Our Services.

IT Services: Our team comprises of IT experts who are well versed with all mainstream medical devices and the level of software updates to extract the maximum efficiency from these devices. Their services ensure the flawless functioning of medical equipment such as Hemodialysis Machines, Ventilator, Anesthesia Units, OT Lights, OT Tables, Pulse Oximeter, Infusion Pumps, Syringe Pumps, Defibrillators, Patient Monitors, ECG machines, etc.

Clinical Engineering: Our clinical engineering experts work with our Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs) to ensure that our medical devices function flawlessly and meet hospital inspection audits. They work closely with medical device suppliers to improve the design and functionality of medical devices.

Supply Chain: Our biomedical experts coordinate seamlessly with the hospital inventory management team to boost its efficiency and improve the quality of care. We eliminate the gaps in demand management to eliminate supply chain disruption. The department's involvement with the supply chain ensures unrestricted access to essential medical supplies (the readiness of medical equipment) during challenging times.