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Residency Programs

The Family Medicine Residency Program at Chino Valley Medical Center (CVMC), an affiliate of California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM), is committed to the training of highly skilled, competent, and caring family physicians. Our main goal is talent development for practice readiness and to address the projected shortage of family physicians.

Our program has several hallmarks which include a community hospital atmosphere at CVMC, academic opportunities through our partner CUSM and the resident Continuity Clinic located in a FQHC.

Our emphasis is on education, not service. We are focused on both our inpatient and outpatient experiences for our residents. We firmly believe in being supportive and allowing each resident flexibility to participate in areas that are of interest to him/her. Our residents experience a balance of professional autonomy with progressive levels of supervision. They also have the opportunity to supervise and teach underclassmen and medical students in a variety of disciplines.

We offer competitive annual salaries, monthly car allowance, an education fund to support learning and a thorough benefits package.

Prime West Consortium

Prime West is an academic consortium consisting of the residencies within Prime Healthcare Hospital in California. The goal for each hospital to retain its community characteristics while the consortium provides the support of a larger academic setting. The Prime West Consortium sponsors Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Dermatology programs across multiple sites.


The Chino Valley Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program's primary goal is to train competent and compassionate family medicine physicians who will improve healthcare access to the under-served communities of Southern California, more particularly San Bernardino County.

The aim is to instill the core value of service and commitment to the under-served medical communities. Through a humanistic working environment and curriculum, the program intends to inspire physicians to promote Wellness and enact positive change in existing models of care through clinically sound, responsible, innovative, and compassionate care.

The program aims:

  • To train well-rounded family physicians providing evidence-based, cost-effective, and high-quality healthcare.
  • To instill in family physicians the importance of “Wellness” for the mind and body.
  • To recruit high-quality residents from diverse backgrounds that are committed to the region.
  • To promote lifelong growth as a physician and within the healthcare system.
  • To support faculty and residents in scholarly activity specifically designed to improve patient care, access, quality, and outcomes.
  • To grow and sustain high-quality faculty through faculty development and mentoring
  • To provide an educational curriculum that is innovative, responsive, and flexible to the learning goals of the residents and that will prepare them for the ABFM board exam.
  • Diversity

The local community has a plethora of racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, and socioeconomic diversity. The program aims to mirror this diversity in its residents. We will recruit an applicant pool that has roots in the region and display an interest in contributing to the region.

We will continue to utilize the traditional markers for ranking applicants i.e MSPE, LORS, however an applicant cannot be fully assessed based on metrics. We will view the applicant as a complete individual and ultimately recruit applicants that can serve the increasingly diverse San Bernardino County population. We offer J1 Visa sponsorship as well.

The Residency Program is in Southern California, in a region with unparalleled diversity. The program currently boasts diversity in its faculty and staff that is reflection of the community. The vision is to maintain our diversity by recruiting residents as mentioned in the prior section and eventually retaining them in our program. With time we hope to build a pipeline that continues to build the diversity in our program and serves the community by inspiring lower income high school students, mentoring underserved undergraduate students, fostering local medical students in primary care and then recruiting and retaining physicians in the community and program.


  • Clinical
    • To train residents through an evidence-based curriculum, to become well-rounded family physicians providing evidence-based, cost-effective, and family-centered healthcare to an underserved community.
    • Encourage screening process of certain diagnosis such as substance abuse, depression, etc.
    • To continuously improve clinical care through QI projects.
  • Education
    • To actively recruit a richly diverse team of residents.
    • To engage residents through bedside learning, multi-disciplinary coordination and learning, didactics, procedure workshops, and opportunities to personalize their training and support their autonomy through electives, inter-professional roles, and committee memberships.
    • To grow and sustain faculty through development and mentoring.
  • Research
    • To support faculty, residents, and medical students in community-based and clinical research specifically designed to improve patient care, quality, and outcomes.
    • To guide and support residents throughout the research process from inquiry to presentation.
  • Graduates
    • To produce family medicine residency graduates with distinctive qualities and abilities that enable them to become community leaders, public servants, leaders in their medical fields in research and development, and ultimately instruments to invoke change and improvement in healthcare and society.

Site Description

Chino Valley Medical Center (CVMC) is a Joint Commission accredited, 112-bed licensed acute care community hospital located in San Bernardino County, approximately 35 miles east of Los Angeles. CVMC has delivered quality healthcare to the local communities since 1972. The hospital continues to deliver quality care today as a member of Prime Healthcare Services, a Top 15 Health System as determined by Truven Health Analytics. The hospital has been recognized by both Truven and Thomson Reuters as a Top 100 Hospital. Over 250 physicians and slightly over 400 employees are available to treat the residents in our local communities. CVMC is proud of its history in providing exemplary patient care to its service area.

CVMC serves a diverse population and incorporates elements of urban, suburban, and rural medicine. We provide a full range of services including, full radiological and laboratory services, Emergency Department, and a comprehensive operative suite with separate GI and pain facilities.

Montclair Hospital Medical Center (MHMC)
Montclair Hospital Medical Center is 102-bed licensed acute care community hospital located approximately 4 miles from CVMC. Montclair Hospital has delivered quality healthcare to the local communities since 1972. MHMC serves as a site for our OB, Women’s health, inpatient pediatrics/newborn and ED rotations.

California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM)
CUSM is the academic affiliate for the CVMC Family Medicine Residency Program. The School received preliminary LCME accreditation and enrolled students in 2018. CUSM provides the residency the academic support such as access to the simulation lab and research opportunities. CVMC is excited to continue to our relationship.

East Valley Community Health Center (EVCHC)
EVCHC is a FQHC located in Pomona Ca and serves as the CVMC residency Continuity Clinic. The Clinic serves a medically underserved population in line with our mission statement. In addition to medical service, EVCHC provides behavioral health, dental care, vision care and health education to its patient population. Residents will also rotate at a homeless shelter and local high school that EVCHC serves.


The structured three-year program includes both required and elective rotations, which ensure consistency of training while allowing for individual growth in all areas of their interests and weaknesses. Each resident’s training time is designed to meet the American Board of Family Medicine requirements over the thirty-six-month program.

Our rotation schedule is based on the thirteen 4-week block structure. To maintain balance of learning and hospital coverage, rotations below are represented by the number of weeks current residents will spend on each rotation. Each year, we review the coverage needs for our inpatient service and work to prioritize education over service while balancing adequate coverage for the hospital and flexibility for our residents to support their wellbeing.

Projected 2022/2023 Rotation Schedule
Please note, the schedule below is the anticipated block schedule for next year. Residents will be provided with 16 days of PTO which can be used during the shaded rotations. In addition, they receive 3 Sick days and 7 Holidays. If a resident is scheduled to work on a holiday, they are paid double.

Longitudinal Curriculum

Continuity Clinic (across the continuum of residency)
Residents will spend time each week across all rotations seeing patients in one of our continuity clinics. We currently maintain three continuity clinics, which allows residents to experience differing management and care approaches. Most residents will spend the majority of their time in the East Valley Community Health Center, while maintaining a presence at one or more of the other clinics. First year residents spend at least one (1) half day of clinic each week during most rotations, increasing to as much as seven (7) half days of clinic during their Ambulatory Family Medicine blocks. Second year residents will spend at least three (3) half days of clinic each week during most rotations, increasing to as much as seven (7) half days of clinic during their Ambulatory Family Medicine blocks. Third year residents will spend at least four (4) half days of clinic each week during most rotations, also increasing to as much as seven (7) half days of clinic during their Ambulatory Family Medicine blocks.

Continuity Obstetrics (across the continuum of residency)
Residents will care for continuity OB patients in the clinic and hospital, providing prenatal, delivery, postnatal and continuing care. The beauty of a Family Medicine physician is that they provide care to the whole person, whole family and whole community.

Skilled Nursing and Nursing Home Care (across the 2nd & 3rd years of residency)
Residents will carry a minimum of two continuity patients who require skilled nursing or nursing home care. Residents share patients and are provided with a half day each block to visit their patients and coordinate care with their sharing partner.

Behavioral Health (across the continuum of residency)
The Family Practitioner, as a primary care provider, must focus on the needs of the whole patient. Thus, the practice of family medicine requires skills in interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, crisis intervention, and counseling. Behavioral Health resources are provided within the hospital, continuity clinics and program.

CVMC provides a strong BH experience to our residents. The Program offers a 1-month Addiction medicine and 1-month psychiatry rotation. In addition, residents will have longitudinal experience and partner with the Behavioral Health department at their continuity clinic. The resident’s will also have a longitudinal wellness curriculum to ensure their own balance.

Didactics (across the continuum of residency)
Residents are provided with protected time every Thursday afternoon to participate in our education block. Didactics incorporate the breadth of family medicine as well as the business of medicine and self-care. Sessions are dynamic and interactive.

Community Service (Longitudinal)
Residents will have an annual community service requirement. They will be provided with many opportunities to volunteer at free clinics, youth sports, community outreach events, etc.



Chino Valley Medical Center offers competitive salaries, with a generous benefit package that surpasses those offered in the area.

Medical, dental, and life insurance are offered. House staff may participate in the 401(k) program beginning at time of hiring.

Twenty days of paid vacation is provided annually. Three days of sick time is also provided annually.

Other benefits include:

  • ACLS and PALS training
  • Conference attendance with prior approval from the Program Director
  • Educational Resources
    • Up to Date
    • AMA Competency Education
    • Rosh Review Q Bank
  • Memberships
    • AAFP
    • AMA
  • Meals are provided at the hospital during regular meal times. Resident call room refrigerators are regularly stocked with food options for after hours or when the cafeteria is not available.
  • White lab coats and scrubs.
  • Annual education fund is provided to residents to offset the cost of exams, licensing fees and other expenditures to support learning. (Hardware is not eligible.)
  • Monthly car allowance is provided to offset the cost of travelling between sites.
  • Parking provisions have been made for all trainees while on campus

2022/2023 Stipend

  • 2022-2023 PGY1 – $62,400 + 3,600 housing allowance stipend.

Application Criteria

We use a wholistic approach to our application review and although we have set some guidelines for the characteristics of an ideal application, we appreciate that sometimes life happens and it can sometimes derail even the best of intentions.

Our general guidelines are:

  • No minimum USMLE/COMLEX score requirements, we look at pass/fail only, but do consider number of attempts
  • The ideal applicant would have
    • Been active clinically, either in medical school or working as a physician within the past 5 years
    • A positive Medical School record (a single resolved issue is acceptable)
    • A minimum of 3 LORs with one of them being from a Family Medicine experience
    • A Personal Statement demonstrating commitment to the Family Medicine specialty

Required Application Materials

  • Personal statement demonstrating passion and dedication to the specialty of family medicine and future goals
  • Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • Transcripts from all medical schools attended
  • US Clinical Experience
    • Outlining number of hours/weeks dedicated to each experience
  • Demonstration of lifelong learning
  • Three letters of recommendation dated within the last year, at least one from family medicine
  • USMLE and/or COMLEX transcripts
  • Professional Photograph of yourself

Contact Us

For questions about the program, please email