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Leadership is key to the success of any organization. At Chino Valley Medical Center and Prime Healthcare Services, we have a diverse management team that brings years of experience, expertise, and dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of our community. Said leadership ensures that patients will receive superior care at Chino Valley Medical Center.

Chino Valley Medical Center’s executive team is committed to affording patients excellent service and high-quality care in every visit. To realize this commitment, CVMC partners with highly experienced and highly skilled physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers. With each and every patient, CVMC collectively endeavors to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare in a convenient, compassionate and cost effective manner.

Chino Valley Medical Center is known for creating unparalleled experiences for its patients from the moment they walk through its doors: a compassionate team of professionals, committed to affording you excellence in the service and care patients need to get and stay well.

Leadership Team

Gail Aviado, RN
Chief Executive Officer

Sunny Bhatia, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Chairman of the Board

Harold Way
Regional, Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Winder, RN
Director of Nursing