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Chino Valley Employees Reject Union

At Chino Valley Medical Center, last Thursday and Friday, 120 registered nurses voted in a secret-ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to decide whether a union, UNAC, would become their exclusive collective bargaining representative. The votes were counted Friday night by the NLRB agent in charge of the election. The vote by a majority of the Registered Nurses was not to have UNAC represent the Registered Nurses.

On behalf of the entire Chino Valley family, I would like to extend the sincerest appreciation to all those registered nurses who participated in the election and especially to the majority of nurses who voted to give the Hospital a strong vote of confidence.

This process was very challenging to the entire staff. At the start, management made a commitment that they would have an honest open dialogue and that they would provide factual, relevant and important information about the NLRB process. This was to ensure that voters had the information necessary to be able to make the best decision for themselves, their families and Chino Valley Medical Center.

Union organizing drives are often very divisive and always difficult and distracting at best. It is important that the staff now can come together and rededicate themselves as members of the Chino Valley family to caring for those in their community who rely on them to provide the excellent patient care that is the tradition and expectation at Chino Valley Medical Center.

Thank you again to a great staff for their support. Respectfully

James M. Lally, DO, MMM
President & Chief Medical Officer

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